Meet The Leadership Team


Claudia Moores

Founder and Creative Director
Claudia Moores is the founder of Brilliant Branding . From a young age she has been fascinated by colors and pictures, and over the years has developed a passion for lifestyle photography incorporating her sense of design and fashion. As a journalist she is very much interested in people and telling their stories. She firmly believes that everyone has been blessed with a gift, and works with her team to customize and develop your idea in a concept that best tells your story. She has followed the rapid rise of social media and knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to helping young adults, teens, and teens look their best. Her degree in communications has served her well in many capacities including working as a television journalist on CNN and other networks as well as marketing and event planning in support of various brands such as Johnnie Walker Black Label, GM and Postobon (one of the largest beverage companies in South America). She is excited about the team she has put together to work on helping you stand out.


Head of Film


Head of Photography


Head of Design
Daniel Paris, the head of our Design Department, is a well versed, experienced and internationally sold artist who brings a hardworking and positive attitude to our team. This talented individual brings out the best of our company's essence with his unique way of approaching design and devotion for our practice.
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Administrative Assistant